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    Amit Agrawal
    Portfolio Manager, Credit
    Joshua Anderson
    Portfolio Manager, Income and Asset-Backed Securities
    Yacov Arnopolin
    Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
    Amit Arora
    Portfolio Manager, Credit
    Andrew Balls
    CIO Global Fixed Income
    Michal Bar
    Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
    Kofi Bentsi
    Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Corporate Bonds
    Philippe Bodereau
    Portfolio Manager, Global Head of Financial Research
    Michael Bogecho
    Portfolio Manager, Capital Securities and Financials
    Jelle Brons
    Portfolio Manager, Global Investment Grade Credit
    Erin Browne
    Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Strategies
    Grover Burthey
    Portfolio Manager, ESG
    Stephen Chang
    Portfolio Manager, Asia
    Michael Davidson
    Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
    Pramol Dhawan
    Head of Emerging Markets Portfolio Management
    David Forgash
    Head of Leveraged Loan Portfolio Management
    Sachin Gupta
    Head of Global Portfolio Management Desk
    Daniel He
    Portfolio Manager
    Daniel H. Hyman
    Head of Agency MBS Portfolio Management
    Daniel J. Ivascyn
    Group Chief Investment Officer
    Andrew R. Jessop
    Portfolio Manager, High Yield
    Mark R. Kiesel
    CIO Global Credit
    Matthieu Loriferne
    Portfolio Manager, Capital Securities and Financials
    Samuel Mary
    ESG Research Analyst
    Mohit Mittal
    Portfolio Manager, Multi-Sector
    Alfred T. Murata
    Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Credit
    Abhijeet Neogy
    Portfolio Manager
    Ismael Orenstein
    Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
    Lorenzo Pagani
    Head of European Government Bond Portfolio Management
    Sonali Pier
    Portfolio Manager, Multi-Sector Credit
    Ketish Pothalingam
    Portfolio Manager, U.K. Credit
    Yi Qiao
    Portfolio Manager
    Steve A. Rodosky
    Portfolio Manager, Real Return and Long Duration
    Javier Romo
    Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
    Jerome M. Schneider
    Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management
    Marc P. Seidner
    CIO Non-traditional Strategies
    Emmanuel S. Sharef
    Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation and Multi Real Asset
    Greg E. Sharenow
    Portfolio Manager, Commodities and Real Assets
    Geraldine Sundstrom
    Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation, EMEA
    Eve Tournier
    Head of European Credit Portfolio Management
    Bryan Tsu
    Portfolio Manager
    Konstantin Veit
    Portfolio Manager, European Rates
    Qi Wang
    CIO Portfolio Implementation
    Jing Yang
    Portfolio Manager, Structured Credit
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