PIMCO GIS Diversified Income Fund

Learn how a flexible, active and opportunistic credit strategy can be a one-stop solution in today's more volatile environment.


Stay ahead of uncertain markets by investing across credit sectors

Access higher return opportunities

Moving out along the risk spectrum can deliver higher return opportunities.

Manage risk in volatile markets

A multi-sector credit approach that diversifies across regions and credit quality.

Explore relative value opportunities

Higher volatility presents relative value opportunities across the global credit spectrum.


De-risk effectively and retain higher return potential

Limit drawdown risk

Diversification across credit sectors limits downside compared to riskier credit sectors and equities.

Broader credit sector exposure

Optimises credit market exposure by dynamically rotating among sectors such as investment grade corporate credit, high yield credit and emerging market bonds.

An equity substitute

Reduces equity-heavy portfolios' overall volatility and increases current income without significantly detracting from total return expectations.


PIMCO GIS Diversified Income Fund

Enhanced return potential

A comprehensive multi-sector credit solution that provides flexible and strategic exposure to global credit.

Attractive risk-adjusted returns

The Fund has outperformed equities1 and delivered attractive risk-adjusted returns since 2005.

Focus on downside protection

A disciplined, risk-focused approach to credit-selection means the Fund has historically experienced lower drawdown versus high yield, emerging markets and equities.



1Equities is represented by the MSCI World Index

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