Active Credit Solutions for Active Investors

Guiding investors through decades of credit cycles



For those with a long-term investment horizon, there are good opportunities to generate returns from credit


Markets Are Volatile

Heightened volatility has created long-term opportunities across the credit spectrum. These can be captured by an experienced and flexible manager with deep analytical and research capabilities.


Interest Rates Are Low

Credit can offer attractive yields in this protracted low-yield environment. Active management of tactical opportunities has helped us deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for clients over decades.


Uncertainty Is High

Diversification and caution are critical to reduce downside risk. Both approaches have been important to our investment process from the start.

Our Credit Range

We offer a range of credit strategies

PIMCO GIS Global Investment Grade Credit Fund

Anchor your portfolio with corporate bonds

This fund combines PIMCO’s forward-looking macroeconomic outlook and extensive bottom-up credit research to help investors take advantage of opportunities in higher-quality corporate bonds.

PIMCO GIS Diversified Income Fund

A one-stop credit solution for all market environments

The fund is a multi-sector strategy that invests across a broad spectrum of credit market sectors including global corporate credit both investment grade and high yield, and emerging market debt.

PIMCO GIS Income Fund

Flexible complement to your core bond fund

This fund takes a broad-based approach to investing in income-generating bonds, employing PIMCO’s vast analytical capabilities and sector expertise to help temper the risks of income investing.

Credit Capabilities

PIMCO's Credit Expertise and Approach

As one of the largest investors in global credit markets, PIMCO’s forward-looking, 360-degree approach seeks to identify value across the credit spectrum before the market does.

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Scale and Breadth

Founded in 1971 with $1.92 trillion of assets under management, with $442.2 billion in dedicated credit strategies (as of 30/6/2020).

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Research and Analytics

125+ dedicated Credit portfolio managers and a pool of corporate and portfolio analysts with integrated fundamental research within credit analytics.

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Identifying Market Value

Focus on inefficient markets analyzing complex capital structures to actively identify opportunities and assets with upside potential.

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